The Tamarind Group

Brookhurst School Website Redesign
March 3, 2016
June Gachui Website Design
March 3, 2016

The Tamarind Group needed two websites for their properties - one for Tamarind Tree Hotel and one for Tamarind Management Ltd. For the Tamarind Tree Hotel, we suggested a creative hero video and a simple, clear concise design that encourages users to book a table or a room..

For, we wanted a bold and audacious design that was also easy to navigate. Large type, big colourful blocks and a simplified link structure. A website visitor can access any section of the website fast.

As we do with all our websites, we built it with a mobile-first approach. Up to 70% of traffic to the website is from mobile phones. The design takes this into account and rearranges itself gracefully for any screen resolution.

For, we suggested, instead of the usual scrolling images that hotels favour, why not do a video for the hero image?

We planned, scripted and directed the hero video that was used on having sourced the models from a local modelling agency.

The design of the website was also driven by the goal of maximising bookings and showing the hotel in the best possible light.

Both and share elements to ensure a cohesive design language comes through. But each is also designed with its own unique aesthetics that improve the user experience

SEO is built in to identify which areas of the website require improvement and what can be added to encourage interaction.