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Le Rustique Website Redesign and Photography

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March 3, 2016
Brookhurst School Website Redesign
March 3, 2016

Le Rustique were looking to revamp their website and have a little bit of the hotel's rustic charm shine through on their website.

Le Rustique, a gorgeous hotel on the foothills of Mt. Kenya in Nanyuki offers a unique dining and hotel experience.

The Mediterranean restaurant serves exquisite food in a setting that will transport you far away from your mundane and boring life. We tried to capture this in the clean airy design and wide-angled photography.

We also created quick and easy bookings form for both the hotel and the restaurant.. This would enable bookings to come direct through the website.

The booking form has become quite popular with Le Rustique's clientele. It simplifies the process of getting the bookings done and allows Le Rustique to connect with their clients directly.

A beautiful location is easy to photograph and it often doesn't get as beautiful as Le Rustique.