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Video Production, photography and print work

March 3, 2016
June Gachui Website Design
March 3, 2016

An exciting project,we were tasked with documenting the progress done by AGRA for one of their programs.

The assignment involved travelling to several African countries, creating a video documentary, photography and the compilation of these stories into a book.


The video above was one of the deliverables for the project. We created a script, shot interviews and visited farms and factories.

Support to Agricultural Research for Development of Strategic Crops in Africa, SARD-SC, is predicated on the idea of driving transformation through four priority crop value chains in given agro-ecological zones; specifically to achieve self-sufficiency in the key commodities of rice, wheat, cassava and maize.

The photographs and videos were used in monitoring and evaluation of the AGRA sponsored project. In each country, AGRA

The SARD-SC project’s Key mandate was to generate and disseminate agricultural technologies and innovations and to build stakeholder capacity at different complementary levels that would pave the way for the achievement of the project’s goals within RMCs.

SARD-SC was set up as a five year required inputs of project with objectives that products that either predated the project or would need support beyond the project’s timelines. Some of these inputs included development of new seed varieties, generation of new technologies through research, and agitating for policy changes.