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City Health Website Design & photography

Le Rustique Website Redesign and Photography
March 3, 2016

City Health hospital needed a web presence to maximise visibility of the brand. The website would act as a profile and portfolio for their services and provide an easy and intuitive way through which potential clients would get in touch.

Deviant Design was also commissioned to do a phtoshoot of the Hospital and staff

Capturing the "spirit" or "essence" of the hospital is what we set out to do in both the design and the photography.

Situated at the heart of Nairobi’s central business district, City Health Hospital is a leading medical facility established by distinguished medical professionals who share a common concern for public health and human dignity.

A quick booking button, whatasapp chat and an exhaustive list of services provided combine together to help website visitors find the information they're looking for from the hosptial, fast.